Sunflower seeds are for birds

Duo Show with Salim Bayri︎

Motel Spatie - Arnhem


“ So there’s a room with bent bags of sunflowers seeds on the floor, resting/slumped against the pillars. Pools of sunflower seed shells lay within this. Is it a mouse or human because I don’t think birds will be able to get in here.

(Large quantities of sunflower seeds are for birds..... and sometimes people) Why sunflower seeds though?

I think they’re inviting us to eat them. I’m not sure I can leave them on the floor like this. When I drop them should I do it in a pattern? Or does it matter that I don’t care how they fall, but I think I do. You could kind of throw them across the ground like you’re skimming pebbles on the water.

I also think that’s what they’re inviting us to do.

They want you to think about the ‘Cannibalistic Manifesto’ and the art of doing nothing even though they’re technically perhaps asking us to do a lot, but you have a choice here. The agenda of labour.

Who gets to decide what is ‘work’ and what isn’t?

We get to leave our imprints physically within the space if you’re brave enough to do so. Press your foot upon the white walls and be okay with it.

This duo seems like the opposite of ever being bored (reference the show’s poster) but more so grappling with numerous topics, i’ll leave out the ‘loaded’ words by request and let you come to your own conclusions.

You have the option to take part in this or not at all. Do you just listen to the soundscape or do you ‘do’. I feel this is where the answers lie.”

Text by GGGGGGGGGGGG - 2020, GB/NL. (Sick bed)

︎ Zerri3a font by Tayeb Bayri (open source and free)