Officially Fictional

150 x 100cm
Lastly shown at ‘Believe’ ︎
Tropez - Berlin

Facade flag wind-permeable fabric using the first page of the official fiktionsbescheinigung of the artist (german fictional immigration card).

“Ghita Skali's flag officially fictional waves on one of the loudspeaker poles on the lawn. For the motif, the artist uses a cutout of the first page of her own Fiktionsbescheinigung. The name of the document shines in clear letters on a green-red background and the federal eagle, the national emblem of Germany. This Fiktionsbescheinigung was given to Skali by the German immigration authorities. It made it possible for her to stay in Germany, but she was not allowed to work or leave the country. With the artwork, Skali reminds the audience how the belief in a better future enables people to survive difficult, uncertain situations - such as a fictional existence decided by German authorities. “