Ambition for the best

Vidéo of 2’38 - 2020 

“Ambition for the Best" is an artwork proposed by Ghita Skali, in which she takes up a fast food chain advertisement, that is praised for their "shawarmas". The artist appropriates this commercial content, introducing it into the kitchen of the exhibition space and juxtaposing it to Ambition oyster cans brand, commercialized in the Netherlands. The video consists of an animation in which a chicken and a rooster narrate the journey through which their daughter passes until she reaches her dream: to be the best shawarma meat.

In this gastronomic-social metaphor, the artist squeezes the satirical side of this advertisement to criticize the patriarchal and neoliberal society, and explores an additional level, where she makes a comparison of the idea of "food production chain", with the young female artist career evolution and desire to integrate the market.”

Written by Nouha Ben Yedri

Part of the group exhibition Crying until laughing’ at Trafo Gallery
Curated by Johan Gustavsson & Clara Pallí Monguilod
1646, The Hague

Photos by David Biro